Meredith Metcalf is a writer and creative producer who loves making kick ass comedies about young women.

Meredith graduated from Emory University with High Honors in Finance and regular Honors in Film Studies - which came as a surprise, because she has always been better at making other people’s movies than investing their money. Her short film Look at This F***ing Zombie was a Wild Card Winner at Campus MovieFest, and she believes it stands the test of time as a brilliant snapshot of 2012 hipsterdom. You can watch it on YouTube.

Her passion for creating films and tolerance for providing her unpaid labor led her to New York. She fell in love with the city while interning on an indie movie that trusted its interns to do the work of set PA’s, and definitely should have paid them accordingly.

Still, she was excited to leave Microsoft Office Suite behind and get to work on film sets! She moved to New York and found work in art department, where she loved the variety of tasks. She bedazzled scissors used by Kiernan Shipka in the pivotal ponytail-chopping scene in ABC Family’s Fan Girl. She filled cardboard boxes with hundreds of pillows for a stunt scene in the Chinese blockbuster Mojin: The Lost Legend. She helped her boss secure a product-placed port-a-potty on TV Land’s Younger.

Her art department experience naturally segued into clearance work obtaining rights to use artwork on screen - but instead of doing that, she got a job in clearance on MTV’s Broke-A$$ Game Show, chasing down passersby in some of the most iconic and crowded spots in New York City and asking them to sign appearance releases. Career highlights include the game “Urban Troutfitters,” filmed during morning rush hour in downtown Brooklyn. Contestants competed to hide small plastic fish in passersby’s bags without them noticing, so Meredith and her colleagues had to ask these unsuspecting commuters not only to sign an appearance release, but also to return the fish.

These twelve-hour summer days spent outdoors annoying people gave Meredith a strong appreciation for air conditioning and rooms with ceilings. Do you ever take a moment to appreciate rooms with ceilings? Think about it.

Meredith concluded that Microsoft Office Suite was actually not so bad, and she recognized that although she convinced on average 70% of passersby to sign appearance releases (which is VERY IMPRESSIVE), perhaps she should focus on her talents for organization and logistics.

She transitioned to working in the production office, starting as a production secretary on Ocean’s 8. Career highlights include telling Sandra Bullock the account number for FedEx and once making eye contact with pop goddess Rihanna.

She worked her way up to Assistant Production Coordinator and joined Local 161, meaning now, she only provides unpaid labor for her own passion projects. (I mean, no. She is open to trading favors for favors on passion projects. This is still the film industry.)

She’s worked on New York indie stories like Uncut Gems, HBO’s High Maintenance, and Eddie Huang’s upcoming directorial debut Boogie.

In development, she is writing and producing Blue Balls, a screwball comedy about consent and sexual coercion (and vampires) with director Leah Faye. Blue Balls premiered as a short play at Manhattan Repertory Theater’s sold-out Playwright’s Showcase, had a work-in-progress presentation at Dixon Place, and a sold-out reading. Its short film adaptation premiered at Sick Chick Flicks and online as part of NYWIFT Online Shorts Fest.

She is also writing and producing various comedy projects with Emma Jones, Caitlyn Conefry, Elizabeth Maille, Uki Pavlovic, and Ana Esposito.

Meredith is the lead singer and songwriter of the band Total Catch, writing confessional pop-rock songs about awkward dates, kind of like if Taylor Swift were a normal New York transplant who went to pinball speakeasy bars instead of whatever exclusive parties she goes to.

Meredith champions women filmmakers as a Next Wave member of New York Women in Film & Television, a screenwriting panelist for Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, and a volunteer with the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival.

Meredith also loves “slow travel,” spending weeks or months in a location because it is a cost-effective and relaxing way to travel, and hey, as a freelancer, once a project is over, every day is vacation! She has visited Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. Highlights include kayaking in a giant pumpkin for the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Regatta. Honestly, let’s end the bio on that. Nothing is gonna top that.

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