Blue Balls - Manhattan Repertory Theater's Playwright's Showcase Series 16, February 2018

A girl and a guy discuss, with their best friends, their hesitations about their "first time."

Written and developed in part at FORGE Fuel


FORGE Fuel Residency - A monthly retreat for writers of all kinds at the Howard Taubman Playhouse in Danbury, CT, brought to you by FORGE, LLC. For more information, visit forgenyc.org/programs

Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Improv Coursework - Improv: writing out loud in front of an audience, the most extreme form of writing

Emory University - Bachelor's of Business Administration

Concentrations in Finance, Film & Media Management; Second Major: Film Studies

Coursework: Screenwriting with Joe Conway

Honors Thesis: Manic Pixie Dream Girls


Look at This F***ing Zombie - Campus MovieFest Wild Card Winner, Best Comedy Nominee

LoveBirds - Frederick Film Festival, judged by Eduardo Sanchez

Short films